Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn Reviews

Hydro Mousse BannerHydro Mousse is a grass seed merchandise like Grassology that seeks to revolutionize the way in which you put your yard. It’s a liquid garden that is “ ” treatment — you spray on down grass seed in your yard as an alternative to the conventional manner of tilling the land by distributing seed and putting it.

Behind the Business

The firm behind Hydro Mousse is a company called Eagle Eye Marketing Group, based from Ontario Canada. They now hold an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, despite the fact that they’re not accredited.

Customer reviews indicate that Hydro Mousse’s customer service is adequate, and the leading grievances against the firm are advertising that is deceptive.

What’s Hydro Mousse?

Hydro Mousse is a spray-on seeding system that will be advertised as a means to grow grass in places including high traffic places, pet places, and dry places. Using Hydro Mousse can be said not to be as difficult as watering a yard.

The official site is hydromousse.com that has been filed in May 2013. Eagle Eye Marketing Group, Inc. markets it

Whereas seed eaten, blown away, or can be washed away, a “Spray N Stay” technology that is said to conquer these barriers is advertised by Hydro Mousse.

The product operates by placing the dial “seed.”, and adding a garden hose into the Hydro Mousse container The green formula is asserted to have two functions helping in attaching the seed to the ground to ensure it Won’t go of the merchandise, and you use.

Why to chose Hydro Seed:

  • Go to sod from seed!
  • First house hydro is ’sed by the world!
  • Your yard that is lovely is just a spray away!
  • As simple as watering your yard!
  • Grows in cold states or excessive heat.
  • Mixes perfectly with your existing yard.
  • Mix contains fine fescue, Kentucky blue, tall fescue, and perennial rye.

That is enough for 100 square feet of coverage or about 200 spots. That is a 60-day money back guarantee, minus shipping prices.

As of 2016, the official website offers a “Pro Kit” which contains 4 Hydro Mousse refill bags and the grass seed. A fifth tote is included free. I’ve yet to encounter whoever has bought this option.

One reader wrote in a requested me, “Where might I purchase Hydro Mousse Liquid Yard?” As of mid-2014, Hydro Mousse became easily for sale in shops, as seen in the picture below.

Hydro Mousse is a “liquid yard” seed which is designed to alter the way in which you put your garden. Based off of industrial farming processes, Hydro Mousse is allegedly much like sod, only that it’s provided in a manner that is separate.

Sadly, they don’t list the particular kind of the ingredients or seed in the composition, so they’re no means to understand just the type of seed you’re laying down in your yard. This can be problematic for those in climates that are unusually hot, as the seeds may expire due to excessive temperatures.

How Can It Work?

Hydro Mousse is a complete clothing that combines several elements that are different. The primary ingredients are the grass seed mix and the Hydro Mousse.

You then attach the Hydro Mousse Nozzle to your garden hose and that and join both elements in the Hydro Mousse Coating Chamber. Afterward, you begin spraying and turn the dial on the coating chamber. You’ll find the formula and seed erupting from your nozzle, as it comes out an almost fluorescent green — as assisting you to repair particularly difficult areas of your yard a characteristic they advertise.

That’s it — simply spray seed and your yard needs it, and they promise you should see results virtually immediately.

As you get the most product for the most affordable cost, purchasing through their website might be the most suitable choice.

When you buy through their website, Hydro Mousse offers a 60-day money back guarantee, minus handling and shipping. So if your grass doesn’t grow, it is possible to return the merchandise for $19.95.


The advertisements for Hydro Mousse has the firm which advertises it doesn’t seem to be a major player in the lawn care business and an As Seen on TV feel to it. Greenhouse, Home Depot, or your local Lowe’s will probably have an abundance of lawn care products that are properly available for sale – without postponements or transportation costs. At my local greenhouse, by way of example, I talked with a good-versed salesman along with his recommendations ideal for my place, about the kind of grass. He did Hydro Mousse is mentioned don’t.

On-Line Reviews for Hydro Mousse are negative.

On the list of various criticisms about Hydro Mousse online, some customers have said the seed washed away, or the merchandise didn’t function at all.

Our Verdict

From our research online, we’ve found reviews that are negative. The main criticism looks like the merchandise does at all, don’t function as advertised. Many issues appear to be with the merchandise not operating at all, although there is apparently no grievances with the business itself. For the cost, it’s clear.

There are several favorable reviews here and there, mainly only noticing the product’s effectiveness. Considering ecology and climate are huge variables for grass seeds will be responded to by any yard, it’s wise that work would be noted by it for every yard.

Like attempting another option is the best substitute for choose with all the other grass products out there, it appears. Our research found that Hydro Mousse only doesn’t work as it should.

Hydro Mousse has advertised for two years on television and on-line, although on-line reviews give it a subpar standing. While the thought appears well-imagined, the execution is mostly a dud. You may be better served to discuss alternatives with someone who’s knowledgeable about the grass and ground demands locally and seeing your neighborhood greenhouse.

Mouse Repellent: Rodent Sheriff Reviews

I loathe the idea of killing anything, not as cunning small field mice, although I’m constantly having trouble with rodents and other pests in my personal garage and my barn. So I don’t enjoy the normal mouse trap that kills them.

But I also don’t need to make an effort to get them live and place someplace else.

Due to this, I’m constantly on the alert for a better method to repair this age old issue.

I found this new spray critter while cruising the web – the Additionallyrepellent product called Rodent Sheriff and it actually got my attention, and not only for the name that was witty!

It’s a merchandise that is straightforward but it fills lots of my private demands.

Take a look at these characteristics of Rodent Sheriff:
It is harmless to the surroundings, or to you, your pets and your children, but pests actually loathe it!
Rodent Sheriff can be sprayed in places where kids andAdditionally,it is safe to use on fruit trees and garden veggies.
It comes in a convenient spray bottle that isn’t too big and is user friendly with one hand, making it simple for smaller hands.
Natural ingredients and the nice aroma allow it to be practical to use inside as good as outside.
The places you’ll be able to use it in are virtually limitless!
Did I mention I of a health nut? It always teases me (no pun intended!) That most of the pest and rodent material that professionals place in your own home and on your yard are horrible!

It’s what I don’t understand about them that frightens me, although some of them smell really awful.

I really, truly don’t need my dog rolling around on my children or the yard after the pro comes in playing on the kitchen floor. How long do you need to wait?

Well, Rodent Sheriff manages that for me.

Another amazing thing relating to this merchandise is how straightforward it’s to use.

For your house, spray along everywhere that mice, and baseboards, doors, windows or other critters can get in.

Nothing is perfect, so here are a few pros and cons I discovered.

Here’s what I enjoy about Rodent Sheriff:

It’s not difficult to use.
It smells great.
I don’t need to worry about children or my pets becoming ill.
It’s moderately priced, not as expensive than calling a professional.
I am able to use it practically everywhere.
Each bottle is great for 1000 sprays.
Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Now for the negatives:

You’ve got to reapply likely more frequently than a substance that is professional.
A number of people may not enjoy the peppermint scent (though this isn’t an issue for me, I personally enjoy it).
Rodent Sheriff is now exclusively accessible on the net, so you’ll need to wait on sending to get more if you run out.
Where’s the best place to purchase Rodent Sheriff?
Since it’s not sold in shops, the best source will be to purchase it directly from the official site: www.RodentSheriff.com

They’ve the best price by far:

It’s $10 per bottle, which is not bad for 1000 sprays.

Producer is, in addition, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I believe it’s a great price.

Should Rodent Sheriff tries?
If you’re like me and need a humane means to keep the mice and other pests out, but you loathe the idea of foul substances all over your house, garage and garden, Rodent Sheriff really should attempt.

You won’t ever must worry about pets and ill children, and it smells fantastic too!

The mice are seeking a spot to nest and it’s that time of year and have infants.

They get into my material things kept in the garage, like my umbrellas and my lawn chair pillows.

But still! They leave their droppings and it’s simply gross. Three of them set up camp inside the dashboard in my car one year!

I’ve attempted different approaches. Obviously, there’s the routine old mouse trap. Place in it, the springtime cock back and wait.

What ’s a man to do? There’re toxin pellets and all that compound material. There are small one way snares. There are live traps where you must go let them outside someplace. But it looks like the typical commercial methods all still have the critters coming in and leaving a wreck before they get.

I’m searching for a hindrance. Keep them outside in the first place!

One approach of hindrance out there that appears to work will be to place a thick line of ground cayenne pepper around the external margin of the garage and indoors also. This does appear to work for a short time. I discovered it to be dirty and the things in front of the door constantly gets whatever rolls across the trail and swept away or gets on your shoes.

The material outside simply blows away. When whipped up in the wind it’s also caused some sneezing.

I did find an intriguing choice for a hindrance and that’s Rodent Sheriff was called by a commercial spray use. It’s a natural solution of peppermint oil that those kind of pests and squirrels and rodents actually despise. It can be sprayed almost everywhere safely because it’s natural.

Give it a shot, I’m confident you’ll enjoy it!